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Essence of Beauty

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About My Work

Lola AKA "Makeup Muva" is a Makeup Artist, and Photographer based in Georgia. Makeup was a subject she was never interested in until 2012, while working in a salon she met a lash and brow tech.

She decided to take makeup classes and she wanted classes with the best! Her very first class was with Tatiana Ward (Beat Face Honey) and Renny Vasquez. Later she took classes with Tamanna Roashan.


Her most memorable experience was attending a demo class with the legendary Sam Fine. Lola's new love for makeup turned into big business and her diverse clientele quickly grew. She is now one of Atlanta's top professional Makeup Artists.


Lola is well known for soft glam looks that give clients the red carpet feel while still looking like themselves. She caters to each client's facial structure, skin tone, and even lifestyle to achieve a look that keeps clients booking time and time again.


Lola also offers one on one makeup lessons for aspiring MUAs, and for individuals who just want to know how to make themselves look flawless without having to book an appointment. Whether you're coming in to let the Makeup Muva work her magic or teach you her magic, be assured you will leave a cut crease above the rest! 

Ready for a makeup experience unlike you’ve ever had before? For more information and to schedule a session, contact Makeup Muva today.

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