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Yes, it’s true, the secret is out...MAKEUP MUVA PROVIDES HAIR SERVICES as well. Muva loves working with her client’s natural hair to achieve their desired look. No need to relax or straighten hair before services! With over 20 years of experience in protective styling Lola has learned that each individual client’s time is valuable. She never double books (so please be courteous and arrive on time) and she focuses on getting your service done promptly to allow you to enjoy the rest of your day! Makeup Muva will discuss styling options with you in confidence when you have booked a hair service that seems to be damaging to your hair or doesn’t fit your lifestyle. Her honesty and fast service has kept clients returning for years and referring friends and family! Check out the services below and please use the contact page for any questions or concerns!

Wig Pricing

(Bring your own hair and closure)

-Full Wig payment is due upon wig order. 

-Please allow 3-5 days for wig completion unless otherwise discussed

Sew In Pricing

$150 leave out

$175 with closure 


**We do not supply hair**


Atlanta, GA, USA

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