Muva's Model Magic is a web series that showcases how social media has influenced the world of modeling. This competition style show will be filmed in Atlanta Georgia where models compete for the grand prize of $1500. Last season pilot premiered on 9/16/19 on Makeup Muva LLC YouTube channel. It quickly grew to be everyone's favorite Monday night show. Season 1's grand prize winner Bonni, received $1000 cash and is more confident in her role as a model coach.

We are doing this show because we want to differentiate the social media "models" from the models that are professional. Social media models are the reason real models are getting "let's work" communications that do not amount to exposure, revenue or portfolio building. The creative/producer and director of this show, Lola, is better known as "Muva" of Makeup Muva LLC. This company started out with preparing models for photoshoots, runway, pageants etc. Now the resume has extended to model development. Lola aka "Muva", decided that she has heard enough stories about models being taken advantage of and decided to dive in and help build models to get the respect, exposure and pay they deserve. And because there was such an overwhelming response to season 1, there was no way there couldn't be a a season 2! By supporting this web series, you would be supporting a system that broadcast how models should gain and trust their knowledge of the industry, how to negotiate their worth. This web series also provides a platform that gives everyone insight into the world of modeling. For now you can enjoy the whole first season on YouTube [Makeup Muva LLC]





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